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                         Our "Good Tenant" Rebate Program


For Qualified Applicants and Selected Units


To Be Eligible For Your "GOOD TENANT" Rebate You Meet The Following Requirements:

1) Sign a new 1-year lease, and pay your rent in full and in a timely manner for each of the 12 months of that lease. An occasional late payment will not necessarily disqualify you for the rebate, providing you pay the entire rent, plus the late fee, no later than the 10th. of the month.

2) Take good care of the property, causing absolutely no damage that would be considered  above and beyond "normal wear and tear". "Normal wear and tear" is damage which is not caused by you, your family, or guests, either through neglect, misuse, or abuse. You will not be penalized for damages which, in the opinion of Management are outside of your control, providing they are reported promptly (remember that broken glass is always a Tenants responsibility).

3) Keep the rental unit and yard clean and presentable at all times. All units are exterminated prior to Tenant move-in. Any subsequent infestation is the Tenant's responsibility.

4) Cooperate fully with the management office when we need to inspect the property or show it, if and when it is listed for sale. Any unauthorized lock-changes, and/or adding additional locks, without furnishing the Management office with a duplicate key, will automatically disqualify you from the rebate.

5) Maintain your status as a "GOOD NEIGHBOR" throughout the entire term of your lease.

6) Comply fully with all terms and conditions of your lease during your occupancy and give full and proper notice before you vacate the property.

If, after 12 months, you have been in full compliance with each of these 6 requirements you will be entitled to a "GOOD TENENT” Rebate of an amount equal to 1/2 month's rent. Your rebate will be in the form of a check and will be presented to you upon the completion of your "MOVE-OUT INSPECTION," after you vacate the rental unit.

In the event that you choose to renew your lease, your rebate will be applied to the first month's rent of the new term. Also, upon signing your renewal lease, and extending your tenancy for another year, you will be eligible for another "GOOD TENANT” Rebate for the same amount under the same terms and conditions as the first rebate. Please note that you will continue to be eligible for a new rebate every year, for as long as you continue to renew your lease!




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