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                         What is Short Sale and how it Works?

Short Sale is a real estate sales transaction where the seller's lender agrees to adjust the amonut owed on the mortgage and accept less than is owed and forgives the remaining debt, in order to get the property sold and avoid foreclosure.

Why Banks do Short Sales?

Short Sale is an option that makes more financial sense to the lender than foreclosure. By doing a short sale, banks can often recover 80-90% of the estimated market value of the property, as opposed to an auction sale that could only bring 50% of the market value or less.

- Short Sale is less damaging both to the lender and the property seller than foreclosure.

- Short Sales are popular in declining markets where home values are now lower than homeowners' outstanding real estate debt obligations and a short sale is the only way to get the property sold and avoid foreclosure. 

- Short Sales require seller's lender and all lien holders approval. Our job is to make sure you get the approvals.

- Our short sale negotiators can even get IRS liens to go away, too.

- Your bank could let you do a short sale, and agree that you sell your property to a 3rd party for less than you owe in mortgages, forgiving the balance, if you're in a financial hardship or must relocate.

- We offer Free Short Sale Listings + Free Short Sale Negotiation Service + Free Short Sale Attorney - no upfront fees and you will not be asked to bring any money to the closing (we negotiate that with the lender)

There is no charge to our short sale clients for any of our short sale service, we are paid by the Bank (realtors commissions, lawyers fees, short sale negotiators, seller's closing costs).

Are you behind on mortgage payments?

Do you owe more than the property's worth?

No equity? Facing Foreclosure?

Why choose us for your Short Sale service?

- we currently have many listings, most of them are Short Sales.

- we have established connections with virtually every lender out there, so the properly 'packaged' short sale gets to the right person in the right format and in the right time, for a prompt response.

- to ensure our short sale clients get the best short sale service, we have partnered with the largest and best in the business, law firms specializing in short sales and short sale negotiation companies, who close more short sales than anyone else in Minnesota.

- and the number 1 reason you should hire me to do a short sale.. there is no cost to our property sellers for any of our short sale service.

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