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Agent Transfer Process


If you wish to become part of our team and your license is currently with another broker, please consider the following information.


Department of Commerce License Law (82.43, subd 6)

   (a) When a salesperson terminates activity on behalf of a broker, the salesperson's license shall be ineffective. Within ten days of the termination the broker shall notify the commissioner in writing, and shall return to the commissioner the license of the salesperson. The salesperson may apply for transfer of the license to another broker at any time during the remainder of the license period, on forms provided by the commissioner. If the application for transfer qualifies, the commissioner shall grant the application. Upon receipt of a transfer application and payment of the transfer fee, the commissioner may issue a 45-day temporary license. If an application for transfer is not made within the license period, the commissioner shall require that an application for a new license be filed.

   (b) When a salesperson terminates activity on behalf of a broker in order to begin association immediately with another broker, the commissioner shall permit the automatic transfer of the salesperson's license. The transfer shall be effective either upon the mailing of the required fee and the executed documents by certified mail or upon personal delivery of the fee and documents to the commissioner's office. The commissioner may adopt rules and prescribe forms as necessary to implement this paragraph.

License Transfer Requirements


The following requirements must be met prior to the automatic transfer of a license from one broker to another:

  • $20 transfer fee must be submitted with application
  • Licensee's educational requirements must be current at time of application
  • Application must be signed and dated by the new primary broker


General Application Information for a Resident Salesperson License (for New Applicants)

  • A $140 salesperson application fee is necessary. In addition, a convenience fee and credit card processing fee must be paid by the applicant. The term of a company license is two years, expiring on June 30.
  • A Salesperson must be licensed to act on behalf of a licensed Minnesota Broker.  The license of each Salesperson remain in the possession of the licensed Minnesota Broker with whom the Salesperson is affiliated until the Salesperson ends affiliation with the Broker.
  • If you are an applicant who holds an active salesperson license in a reciprocal state (Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin), you must fax a letter of Certification (no more than 90 days old) documenting that you currently hold an active Salesperson license. Applicants with an active Wisconsin salesperson license must also fax course completion certificate(s) documenting completion of a Minnesota salesperson course of at least 13 hours and documentation of the passing results for the Minnesota State Laws portion of the written examination (exam bulletins and registration are available at ). Your application cannot be approved until Licensing staff has received this information. The Licensing fax number is 651-284-4107
  • If you are an applicant who holds an active salesperson license in a non-reciprocal state, you must fax course completion certificates for pre-licensing Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3.  Applicant must have passed Course 1 prior to taking the salesperson examination.  Course 2 and Course 3 may be completed before or after taking the examination. You must also fax your passing results for the Minnesota State Laws portion of the written examination.  Exam bulletins and registration are available at .  The written exam cannot be more than one year old at the time of application for licensure. The Licensing fax number is 651-284-4107

If you have any questions on the processof becoming an agent or transfering your license to our copmany please feel free to contact any of our brokers.

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