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We're dedicated not only to serving and supporting our clients, but to our agents as well.  It is with this standard in mind that paves the way to a successful career in real estate for you as an agent of  Other points that contribute to our continuing success are:


100% Commission Split with $395 Transaction Fee

          or 90/10 Split (Agent Gets 90% Commissions) and no Transaction Fee or other fees

Agents Have Freedom to negotiate their commissions with sellers
Lead generating outlets
Errors and Omissions Insurance
Agent Referral Bonuses
Listings Belong to the Agents
Commissions Paid shortly after Closing
After-Hours Broker Support
Full-time office & online support

Free Online PDF Fill able Forms

Central access to company & business related materials

Professionaly Branded Email
Work From Anywhere
Full or part-time hours

Free Training
No Monthly Sales Minimums
No Pressure Frendly Family environment
No Franchise Fees, No Hidden Fees
No Office Fee, No Junk Fees, No Jokes


Utilizing any experience that you may have in real estate, along with our own experience and knowledge of the business, you're sure to reach the goals that you have set for yourself.  In fact, we cannot wait to see you succeed!  Join us today!


Step by Step process on how to start your carrier in real estate and get your license.

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